Little Miss Valentine with her new family, in Colorado and enjoining a loving life.


LuLu - Living the good life with the Clark Family!


Bubba, aka Tango, his new home in Cushing, Ok.with his loving couple, Amy, and Kevin.


This handsome boy named Dallas was sold to Lou Anne W., she is a Veterinarian. We love receiving text messages like this from happy customers and seeing how our puppies have grown!


Katie Doll


Penny and her new forever family !




Marie with one of our beautiful bulldogs!


Flower, in her cute outfit with her "mom" from Bixby, OK


Fiona, all dressed up and looking pretty!  Patricia Caldwell, from NJ


Thunder!  from Tahlequah, Lettich family


Mickey belongs to Sean Mitchell from Houston, Texas and is on TikTok @MickeyTheBullDog


Dixie's Boat Ride - She Loved it!


Jill loves her new mom Jennifer S. and family from Texas


This is Odie, he loves his new family, The Mitchell's from Texas


We sell puppies and deliver puppies Coast TO Coast! Jones family from New York (L) Paul Irvan from Seattle (R)


"Beau has brought so much joy to our family. He is perfect! Thank you so much! We love him so much that we are interested in getting another one."  Travis Lawson


Picture sent to us from Jeff & Natalie from Kansas


Thank you Lou Anne Wolf, from Foyil, OK for sending in these pictures.
Her puppy's name is Dallas. Lou Anne is a Veterinarian in Tulsa and Dallas goes to work with her everyday.


Tootsie Roll, aka Sabrina, in her forever home.


This Is Luna, she lives in Texas and is training to be a hospital therapy dog.


"Hello Leslie -just wanted to say hello, and send you an updated picture of Waylon, we are so grateful to have found him through you, wishing you a very Merry Christmas."


Lilly just got her Christmas present early, a new car set, she belongs to T. Garner.


Jeff Cook sent in this great Christmas picture for 2019


Suavay and family from Texas


Luna - Helping clean up the dishes at Thanksgiving time.


Winslow & Rosco growing up with their new forever family.


Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Lady Stella and her unicorn.


A Happy Puppy, from a Happy Family!


"Doggie update: He's doing fabulous! He's the sweetest! We re so in love! And he kind of likes us too!!! I think he is officially named Dozer! by my youngest !!!"


“I just wanted to update you on how Thor is doing. We changed his name to Cooper, but he also answers to “mini Coop” and “super Cooper.” I surprised my husband with him and has told me over and over how perfect Coop is. He is so loved and spoiled! He has 4 kids that compete for his attention and play with him with all of his toys. Which he has accumulated about two baskets full of toys and treats. He has such a funny personality, loves to roll around, spin in circles and play hide and seek under the bed. He gets along great with his big sis (our 6 year old westie) they spend a lot of time snuggling on the couch with each of us or chasing each other for fun. He is a smart puppy, already knows how to sit and has done great with potty training. We bought a grass pad to keep inside and he knows to use that if he really has to go and also goes on command outside. He is just perfect in every way and we love him to pieces! He has to sleep snuggled up to someone at night and last weekend couldn’t get close enough and slept on my neck! We love him very much! Thank you!”

Winston with his new family - The Myers family, from Arcadia, OK

Kash (formerally Rusty) with his new brother just chillin'

Brandon & Joy Cox and girls of Edmond, OK

Topaz with his new family - The Cave family of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma




Lola- (formally know as Tasha) with her new family- The Becker's from Abilene, Texas



Betty Davis and her new family from Tulsa. Betty Davis shares a birthday with Lincoln!



Payton (formerly Bam Bam) now lives in Colorado with Jeallyn Tria, & family and is loved very much!



Apollo - Sold to the Webb family of Broken Arrow, Okla.
"Words can not express how happy our family is to have Apollo. He is a delight and a ray of sunshine. "


Brandy- Altamisha Matthew, and family in OKC



Annabelle Rose - Stan and April Davis, and family of Tulsa, OK


Michael and Christina Garcia and family, from Cisco, Texas, they named him M&M "Buster" Chief Dead Eye Bully his brothers name is Jake, they will call the little one Buster after his Grand Pappy.

   Holly and her new friend, Mattie, playing dress up


Bentley, with his new parents, Heather and Calvin of Dallas, Texas.

 Jake- James & Cora Williams, Douglass, KS



This is the little dog on our home page (left picture), her name is Rumples, and as you can see she is very loved. She had a lot going against her, she had a birth defect she had a bad leg to over come, and if that wasn't enough she was attacked by another big dog, and almost died! Due to the love from her family, and Vet. she survived and this is her today (right picture).

A wonderful set of pictures and letter we received from the Brown Family.

I hope you all and the bulldogs are doing well. I just wanted to send you some pictures of Chloe aka Buttons. My daughter Faith calls her "Chloe Ann Buttons Brown". We are really enjoying her and appreciate the opportunity to purchase her from Oklahoma Country Kennels.
Thank You,
The Brown's, Vance, Courtney, Austin, Carson and Faith

Chumlee- Cox Family Mr. Brown- McClure Family
Fiat riding a dinosaur- Kitchens Family Fiat- the Truck Driving Dog!- Kitchens Family
Lila Lila- With best friend Fernando Jr.

Dixie's 1 Year Birthday -  "She still has such an amazing personality! She is my baby!"  Misty

Dixie - Halloween 2013, dressed as a lion.

Misty McClain and her new puppy -Dixie.

  Dixie- She loves Misty McClain & her new family.
Layla & Alvin- Terry & Andria of New York Sugar & Spice on a shopping trip! Terry & Andria
Fancy- Blue Family (Fancy was one of our Moms) Sold to Jason & Erin from CT!
Theodore and his little pal Theodore
Puppy Betty- Jesse Gonzales from Texas

Graduation day from puppy training class

Sugar and Spice. Owned by the White family


Puppy Rainee - Vermillion family

  Puppy Rainee - Vermillion family

Bubba (aka Bam Bam) 16 months old & enjoying the pool!

  Andrew Jackson and his new owner











Popeye at work with his new buddy Mike Reed of Beggs, OK.